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We about us

Our passion is to help people to recognize their potential and to develop it further. Thanks to our many years of practical experience in the field of further education, coupled with our methodological competence, we can link development approaches to the requirements of your organization in a targeted manner. As team players and initiators with multicultural work and life experience, we are enthusiastic about achieving the highest level of motivation and performance of each individual and of teams.

Thanks to our diverse training backgrounds, we can draw on a wide variety of methods and offer a solution- and needs-oriented attitude and way of working, with exactly the right approaches for you.

Linda Pulver

  • B.Sc. European Business & Psychology
  • Systemic Business Coach
  • Certified Scan Consultant in Profiling for Potential Analysis according to Prof. J. Kuhl
  • Integrative Team & Group Coach
  • Strategy Development and Support of Culture Change Processes
  • Workshop Design and Conception with a special Focus on Inclusion and Sustainability
  • Expert for Social Media

Maike Klein


  • Trainer & Process Manager
  • Operational Coach
  • Digital Learning Designer
  • Certified for PI – Predictive Index
  • 15 years of national and international Experience as HR Manager and Head of People Development in Companies of all sizes and in all Sectors, with and without Corporate Affiliations
  • Strategic Consultant for the entire HR Keyboard
  • Strategy Development & Support of Culture Change Processes

Berenike Schiffer


  • Coach in Training
  • Studies Education and Educational Sciences
  • Certified Day Care Worker since 2015
  • 10 years of Experience in the Field of Family Support and Pedagogy

We offer Coaching from Hamburg, for Hamburg, Germany and internationally. We have already lived in Paris, London, Miami, Sydney, Auckland and other places in the world and, thanks to our diverse international experience and contacts, we not only enjoy traveling, but are also sensitive to cultural differences and how to deal with them professionally. So no matter whether you are based in Germany, Europe or outside, we are happy to be able to offer our work in German, English and French and to also be able to work everywhere on the globe.

Together with

Also get to know our network of competent coaches, trainers and consultants. One of the core values of treat Coaching & Training is „cooperation“. We believe that everyone will benefit more if we work together rather than against each other. For us, cooperation is more important than competition. And we really enjoy working with people who share this view. We are happy to present a few of our partners:

Franka Schröder


  • Doctorate in Aerodynamics
  • Systemic business coach, certified by the European Coaching Association (ECA)
  • Certified communications consultant and motivation profiler
  • Expert for stress reduction according to Z-Health Essential of Elite Performance, Rehabilitation and Re-Education as well as Integration
  • Accompaniment of scientists in first management positions in coaching, group coaching and workshops
  • Many years of professional experience in Formula 1 with a focus on discipline, willpower & faster, higher, further

Find more information about Franka on her website:

Torsten Muuß

  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Systemic Business Coach, certified by the European Coaching Association (ECA)
  • Agile Coach and SCRUM Master
  • 15 years of experience as a manager in the renewable energy sector in national and international companies
  • Establishment of local company branches in Spain and Asia
  • Trainer, mentor and coach for different management levels in an intercultural context
  • Implementation of project manager training (hybrid) according to PMI standards (Project Management Institute)
Find more information about Torsten on his website:

Martina Pulver


    • Master in European Management, Diplom-Kauffrau, Diplômée de l’ESCP
    • Coach certified by dvct e.V. Hamburg
    • Intercultural Mediation – advanced training by REGC (Strasbourg) & PLIB (Berlin)
    • Agile Consultant certified by Mai Consulting Heidelberg
    • Professional Scrum Master I through
    • Advanced Master for Systemic Interventions in Organizational Development, Coaching and Supervision, dvnlp certified
    • Maître Praticienne en PNL, certified by Ecole PNL Humaniste, Paris-SeinePort
    • Intercultural consultant Culture at the Workplace CWQ3, certified by Twist Consulting Munich
    • Development of communication, cooperation and leadership skills
    • 30 years of experience in change, project and team management in Western Europe, USA, China and Francophone Africa

Find Imre information about Martina on her website:

Jan Canjé


  • Osteopath & Sports Therapist
  • Naturopath, sports scientist & lecturer for sports osteopathy and sports medicine
  • Successfully completed full-time training as an osteopath at the European College of Osteopathic Medicine with 5620 completed teaching units in Hamburg
  • Certified member of the Association of Free Osteopaths e.V.
  • B.A. Sports science with a focus on health and prevention at the German Sport University in Cologne
Find more information about Jan on his website: 




[trēt] • English

NOUN – an event that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure.
NOUN – something very pleasant that somebody can enjoy, especially something that you give somebody or do for them.
VERB – behave towards or deal within a certain way
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